Internal Customer Service Research

Has a decade of process improvement, reengineering, Six Sigma and internal service initiatives led to improvements in internal customer service (ICS)? Or have the relentless pressures of cost cutting, centralization of shared services and increased outsourcing sustained low levels of internal service?

Ratings of 13 internal service departments from our national study — where does yours line up?

In 2007, the Metrus Group, in partnership with ASQ undertook a study of internal customer service in over 1000 companies, replicating their pioneering work conducted in 1993. As shown in the chart to the right — there has been improvement in all functions. Yet, there is still room for improvement!

The national survey uncovered dramatic differences in business performance between companies marked by high and low levels of internal service quality. So, what are the impediments to high levels of ICS? Some of the factors cited in the study include:

For more on the results of the 2007 study, or the initial 1993 research, visit our articles page and select the articles "Internal Customer Service: Has It Improved" from 2007 and/or "Internal Service Performance" from 1993.

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