The ACE Advantage


“The ACE model provides the what, why, and how for talent optimization. It is a powerful new framework for helping leaders realize the value of their human capital investments.

Ralph Izzo, CEO,
Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc.



"Today more than ever before, engaged employees who embrace the vision & values of the company while doing meaningful work are the key to organizational success. Bill's book will share key elements and actions on what leaders need to do to build enduring organizations that create positive lasting memories for their customers, their people and their shareholders."

Garry Ridge, CEO,
WD-40 Company


"The ACE Advantage is an essential talent guide for leaders. Great approach for building strong leaders and leveraging talent across the globe."

Donald Crosby,
Senior Vice President
International and Corporate Human Resources,
McDonald's Corporation


"Schiemann offers a brilliant and simple framework for improving talent: people equity that comes from alignment, capabilities, and engagement. This ACE framework can be used to hire, develop, motivate, and retain talent at all levels. This book is a wonderful contribution of ideas, tools, cases, and actions for turning talent aspirations and ideals into actions and results."

Dave Ulrich,
Ross School of Business,
University of Michigan and Partner, the RBL Group


"With The ACE Advantage, Bill Schiemann and his colleagues provide an actionable framework that show how significantly alignment, capabilities and engagement drive organizational success, and how they can be used to significantly improve talent management."

Dr. John Boudreau,
Professor and Research Director,
Center for Effective Organizations,
Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California


"Bill Schiemann offers a superb sequence to his ground-breaking people equity framework described in his former book "Reinventing Talent Management". His new study explains systematically how to optimize talent and how to become a high and sustainable People Equity organization. The concept is based on thorough research and it challenges many assumptions of talent management organizations still hold. Talent will be the decisive differentiator of economic success in the future whether in small or in large organizations, in a local or in a global context. Your organization will thrive when adapting to Schiemann's concept of optimizing talent - in the US, Europe, Asia, or any other part in the world."

Thomas Belker
Managing Director, HR,
OBI Group Holding GmbH


"Human Resources (HR) practitioners around the world know that the top global priority in our profession has been talent attraction development and retention. Whilst much has been written about this issue, most of these contributions don't offer enough by way of practical help for HR practitioners or their colleagues to solve this problem. With his new book The ACE Advantage, Bill Schiemann has fired a model ACE right into the middle of this knowledge gap for the profession today. His 'People Equity' model built around Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement (ACE), provides the practical tools and help today's people management profession sorely needs. The structure of the book links the People Equity model to Customer and Business Equity, and also its foundations in terms of the key enablers and drivers to get you going. There are many positive case studies cited to help HR professionals inspire their colleagues, and Bill also provides some basic psychological tips as to where resistance is likely to be encountered, and also strategies and suggestions to anticipate and manage these road blocks, as and when they emerge. It's a simple, clear and easy read, but the profoundness of the points made will impress those who read it. If this book was a new company listing on the Stock Exchange, I would be issuing a strong buy recommendation to all my best clients."

Peter Wilson AM , National President
Australian Human Resources Institute,
and Board Member of the World Federation of People Management Associations

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