Reinventing Talent Management


"Reinventing Talent Management" brings the innovative concept of People Equity and its components (Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement) as the key to the business performance. The examples provided are very clear and based on many surveys and case studies. The objective and innovative tools and ideas developed in "Reinventing Talent Management" helped me to connect some "missing dots" of my professional activity. As an HR manager it's extremely important to manage talent in order to bring effectiveness to the business and this outstanding book is helping me on getting the most from the people I work with. It will certainly add value to many other readers. It's fresh air to everyone interested in delivering more!

Rogerio Medeiros


"Reinventing Talent Management" is a very important contribution to the field. I have long been impressed with Bill Schiemann and The Metrus Group's concept of 'People Equity'. This book provides compelling arguments and strong empirical evidence for why 'People Equity' is such a crucial construct for today's organizations and how it can transform thinking about human capital. While most organizations focus on 'employee engagement' and 'employee capability' separately, one of the key ideas behind 'People Equity' is that you cannot treat them independently. After all, how effective are engaged employees who aren't capable or capable employees if they aren't engaged? Furthermore, 'People Equity' adds a crucial third component to the mix: 'alignment' (with the strategy of the organization). The employees that today's organizations need to remain competitive are engaged, capable, AND aligned with strategy. I have been so impressed with 'People Equity' that I listed it as a 'transformational measure' in my book "Transforming Performance Measurement" and talk about it in virtually every presentation I give. If you are interested in increasing employee performance and organizational effectiveness, you need to read this book!

Dr. Dean Spitzer
Author of "Transforming Performance Measurement" and "SuperMotivation"


"Bill Schiemann's book is a comprehensive presentation of the need to better understand, measure and increase organizational People Equity. It clearly transforms concepts which have historically been considered less tangible into actionable imperatives. Today more than ever it's essential that leadership maximizes alignment, capabilities and engagement within their organizations."

Paul Schultz
President and COO
Jack In The Box, Inc.


"Engaged employees are the life line to success in any organization. You will learn new ways to help you manager talent and have your human resources achieve personal magnificence that will amaze you and your organization."

Garry Ridge
WD-40 Company


"Reinventing Talent Management is an outstanding blend of research and practice. It reports compelling research on the value of investing in talent and offers specific recommendations on how to develop people equity through alignment, capabilities, and engagement. The book confirms what good people managers do and offers specific guidelines for those wanting to upgrade their people management skills."

Dave Ulrich
Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Partner, The RBL Group


"Bill makes the case for reinventing talent management and tells us how to do it. It is loaded with good examples and must-take actions that lead to a winning talent management strategy."

Edward E. Lawler III
Founder and Director, Center for Effective Organizations
Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
Author of Talent: Making People your Competitive Advantage.


"Talent management certainly needs to be reinvented – this book does it! Read, learn, redo!"

Dr. Richard Beatty
Professor of Human Resource Management
Rutgers University


"Reinventing Talent Management provides an accessible framework that offers pragmatic ways to better understand how investments in human capital and talent can be measured and linked to financial returns."

Dr. John Boudreau
Professor and Research Director, Center for Effective Organizations
Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California


"Reinventing Talent Management has arrived just in time. Given the challenging times we face today, recruiting and retaining the very best people is now more important than ever. Bill has developed a unique innovative framework on how to do this, as well as provided a broad array of practical approaches to putting the theory into action."

Keith Lawrence
Director-Human Resources
The Procter & Gamble Company


"Bill has done a great job of framing the importance of talent development and renewal as a key source of competitive advantage. What differentiates this book from others in the field is the focus on action tips that help the reader transition from an intellectual understanding of the importance of talent development to actually taking steps to enhance the capabilities of the organization. Bravo."

Charles G. Tharp, Ph.D.
Instructor, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Cornell University and Former President, National Academy of Human Resources


"Reinventing Talent Management provides practical guidance for HR leaders who want to maximize the utilization of talent in their companies. This book offers unique tools, models and ideas for implementing talent strategies that impact business results. It is a critical resource for anyone in the human resources profession."

Tamar Elkeles, Ph.D.
Vice President, Learning and Development

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