Critical Choices: Work, Home, Life

Fufilled! addresses the broad issue of life fulfillment—an enduring quality that includes both daily happiness and, more important, a long-term, sustainable sense of achieving all one can be. The author defines life fulfillment as achieving your dreams and creating a lifestyle that brings exceptional happiness and inner peace.

Beginning with a powerful example—a woman who overcame stage IV cancer by using the concepts and tools the author presents, the book goes on to address some of the key factors that enable you to have greater control and influence over your life—factors such as having a clear vision of the future, having a life path, being planful and resourceful, understanding your success drivers, managing today’s actions to get you to tomorrow, having a personal scorecard to track your progress, and employing lessons learned from others that enable you to bypass some of life’s cul-de-sacs. The author integrates the science of fulfillment and the art of fulfillment to create a comprehensive guide.

The author also discusses the role of individual fulfillment in organizations. People who have carefully considered their own path to fulfillment, and how their personal and professional goals fit together on that path will be much more likely to fully engage with a company that supports and is aligned with those professional goals!

In addition to offering a set of clear steps that guide you through thinking about your own fulfillment, the book is full of stories and examples from people in many walks of life, and the lessons they can share from their own journeys. It is never too early—or too late—to think about what makes you fulfilled. It is never too late to start becoming fulfilled!

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