"Bullseye! Shatters the prevailing notion that measurement is best left to the number crunchers. It convincingly demonstrates the strategic power of measurement and provides an impressive blueprint for using measurement to drive change and focus the creative energy of an organization."

Robert A. Lutz
Chairman, CEO and President, Excide Corporation


"The measurement of nonfinancial drivers of financial success is barely out of the dark ages. That's why this book helps answer a long-standing need."

James L. Heskett
Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School


"The concepts outlined in Bullseye! Help provide the strategic alignment up and down an organization that is essential for sustained growth. The authors' measurement approach is integral to how we operate."

Lawrence A. Marsiello
President and CEO, The CIT Group/Commercial Services


"Business leaders know that what gets measured gets done. And Schiemann and Lingle tell how—and how not—to get the art and science of measurement done."

Richard E. Cavanagh
President and CEO, The Conference Board, Inc.


"Bullseye! advances a dynamic new approach to strategic performance measurement. It sets practical guidelines for senior management's leadership in measuring results, and it outlines a rigorous process for translating strategic imperatives into reality."

Donald. E. Tornberg
Vice President, Progress, BP Amoco


"Bullseye!" provides a broad overview of performance measurement and a comprehensive process for implementing measurement-based management, supported by interesting case examples and research findings."

Bradley T. Gale
Author, Managing Customer Value

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